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Yannick Le Canu
Bow maker

The bow, whether antique or contemporary, is as fascinating in its manufacture as it is in its history. Ideally, a bow is the reflection of an era and the extension of a passionate craftsman's life.

I was lucky enough to work in workshops where these two facets of my profession were harmoniously combined. And what a pleasure it is today to be able to combine manufacturing and expertise and to be able to follow Bernard MILLANT's precious advice: "If you can do both, you will be the happiest". I have made this my philosophy.

What really makes me happy is this daily confrontation with the various aspects of the profession, this sensitive balance between encounters, contact with the material and research...

Yannick LE CANU


"Out of competition" Violin Society of America

"One of the best craftsmen in France

"Double silver medal at the City of Paris competition

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