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A step-by-step description of a well working method for fluting and edge work
Andrea Frandsen


08 JULY 2023



National School of Lutherie of Mirecourt

341, rue Laberte et Moigné

88500 Mirecourt

Masterclass of violin making 

Edge work often tends to be a bit neglected, as if it's not worth wasting time on, compared to f-holes, purfling, etc.

And yet the relationship between fluting and edges plays an important aesthetic role.

Along with the outline itself, it helps define the visual expression and the overall impression.


Sometimes it's just a lack of method.

Andrea Frandsen, a luthier who has won international competitions (Oakland 1994 and Paris 1991), has been based near Angers for over 30 years and devotes herself to making instruments for the classical quartet. She is regularly invited to take part in competition juries, and this year did us the honour of being on the jury for the 1st Mirecourt Competition.

Masterclass given in English !!

Subject to availability.

Priority access for WEEKEND Pass holders.

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