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The expert
his role, his work, his methods

Jonathan Marolle & Éric Blot
Luthiers Experts


07 JULY 2023



National School of Lutherie of Mirecourt

341, rue Laberte et Moigné

88500 Mirecourt

Public masterclass


"To understand the Present and envisage the Future, we must know the Past" (Nicolas Machiavel)


Violin making is a profession that covers many fascinating aspects. We often talk about making and restoring instruments, but there is one facet of the profession that is rarely mentioned: expertise. 

What is the role of the expert luthier? How do they work on a daily basis?


Contemporary violin making has a long tradition going back several hundred years. Over the centuries, a variety of manufacturing techniques have emerged. Some have endured, others have been more or less forgotten. Understanding how an instrument is made means going back to the very essence of its design. Defining its origin, tracing the provenance of the materials used, comparing and placing the object in its historical context... that's the job of the expert luthier!


Éric Blot and Jonathan Marolle invite students from the École Nationale de Lutherie de Mirecourt to take part in a discussion on this subject. 


Subject to availability.

Priority access for WEEKEND Pass holders.

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