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Eric Blot
Violin maker

After completing his schooling in France, Éric Blot joined the school of lutherie in Cremona, Italy, where he studied from 1974 to 1978. He then returned to Paris to further his studies with James Chauvelin and Frédéric Boyer.

In 1981, he went back to Italy and opened his workshop in Perugia, where he worked for 15 years in both instruments making and repair.

Already passionate about antique Italian lutherie, he gradually became interested in the life and work of Italian luthiers from the 19th and 20th centuries, who were then little known. This led to the publication of a series of books on this subject, each volume dealing with a specific region of Italy. One volume is currently in progress, concerning Neapolitan lutherie.


He became better known for his expertise in Italian instruments, for which he began issuing certificates of authenticity, following requests from numerous musicians, luthiers, and instrument dealers. In 1996, he moved his workshop to Cremona, where he still is and where several people work on instruments restoration. He also receives numerous clients for appraisals.


He gave many lectures on various subjects for various lutherie associations and groups around the world, including EILA, GLAAF, ALADFI, VSA, AFVBM, VDG, JISMA, etc.


For several years now, due to lack of time, he no longer makes instruments. His son, Maël, has taken over and builds new instruments in the same workshop.


He has already been a member of the jury for the VSA Competition and a member of the scientific committee for several exhibitions, notably in Cremona, Brescia, and elsewhere.

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