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The year 2019 has seen the creation of the L.A.M.E. (Luthiers Archetiers Mirecourt Evénément).

A non-profit association, its objective is to promote contemporary violin and bow making in France and abroad; at the same time, we want to encourage collaboration between musicians, craftsmen and other actors of the musical life.

Founded to help organise the fiftieth anniversary of the National Violin Making School of Mirecourt by members of two French professional associations, the GLAAF and ALADFI, it aims to continue its actions through various cultural events.




Created in 1960 and then composed of about twenty members, the Groupement des Luthiers et Archetiers d'Art de France had the aim of promoting modern instrumental craftsmanship while working to safeguard the heritage of ancient instruments and training young people. Today, there are 110 craftsmen established mainly in France but also in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal.

In its 55 years of existence the association has had for president Albert Claudot, Marcel Vatelot, Etienne Vatelot, Jean Bauer, Pierre Taconné, Philippe Bodart, J-Yves Rouveyre, J-Jacques Pagès, Charles-Luc Hommel, J-Philippe Cognier, Pascal Camurat, Sylvie Masson, Gilles Braem and nowadays Maurice Beaufort.

The GLAAF is at the origin of the creation of the International Violin Making School of Mirecourt thanks to the energy of Etienne Vatelot and Jean Bauer. The Group is also at the origin of the Museum of the violin making in Mirecourt, cradle of the French violin making.

Still involved with the violin making training at the Mirecourt School, the GLAAF members visit Mirecourt every November to celebrate Sainte-Cécile (patron saint of musicians) and to follow the work of the students by bringing them adapted lectures, criticism, tips and meetings that lead to placements in our workshops.

The Group proposes an annual congress intended to share knowledge and know-how. The event proposes an instrument exhibition and lectures open to the general public, musicians and music lovers. These meetings contribute to the upkeep and development of the professional skills of violin and bow makers.




The ALADFI was created in 1982 under the leadership of a group of violin and bow makers, both restorers and makers, united by the desire to propose another approach to the profession, to make their work known to musicians, to promote contemporary instrumental workmanship and to encourage the practice of music.

So that the general public could discover the profession of luthier, the ALADFI has created a traveling didactic exhibition that presents the stages of making a violin and a bow. It is available for rent for your events related to crafts or more generally to music.

Contemporary violin and bow making :

Through its members, the ALADFI has helped musicians come round to the idea that contemporary lutherie is a very good alternative to antique instruments and bows that have become too expensive for many. Today, we can see that many soloists play and appreciate instruments made by contemporary violin makers. Within the association, exchanges multiplied rapidly through annual meetings, lectures, and then through the creation of professional short courses. The ALADFI, acting as a driving force for makers wishing to share their knowledge and progress, has contributed to improve the overall quality of new instruments and techniques of restoration.

The commitment of professionals :

The ALADFI currently has 156 members, all professional violin and bow makers and presents each year its diversity in international fairs such as Mondomusica in Cremona or Musicora in Paris. Over the years, the association has been involved in many educational projects related to music, such as «Osez la musique» events in Paris, or «It’s not classical» in Nice.

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