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Pernambuco wood: Violinists get respite

4'33 Magazine - November 30, 2022: Pernambuco wood has not been listed on Annex 1 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ( Cites) - Read articles

Huge relief for luthiers, pernambuco wood remains marketable

classic radio - November 29, 2022: This is a great relief for French bow makers. Pernambuco, the Brazilian wood used to make the best bows, will remain marketable and can therefore continue to be exported. - Read the article

Pernambuco wood: victory on the wire for bow makers

France Music - November 28, 2022: The trade in this rare Brazilian wood, which is used to make bows for stringed instruments, will finally not be prohibited. The profession breathes. - Read the article

How Europe saved the French bow in pernambuco

Point- November 27, 2022: When Macron and Brussels save the marketing of pernambuco, this rare and exotic tree at the base of the best bows in the world... - Read the article

Trade in pernambuco wood will not be banned

Tuning fork- November 25, 2022: Brazil wanted this wood used to make bows to be classified in Appendix 1 of Cites, making its transport almost impossible and the renewal of stocks illegal. - Read the article

Reprieve for bows: pernambuco wood will not be banned

RTBF- November 25, 2022: The nineteenth meeting of the Conference of the 184 Parties to CITES, which began on November 18 in Panama, ends today. Among the decisions taken, that of not including pernambuco wood in Appendix I of CITES and keeping it in Appendix II. A decision - which will be ratified in the afternoon - which gives a little respite to the bow makers and the world of music, but which will be re-examined in thirty months during a next plenary session of CITES. - Read the article

Pernambuco trade ban defused, music world relieved

Release- November 24, 2022: Gathered in Panama since November 18, the Cites finally decided not to raise the degree of classification of this wood essential for the manufacture of bows. A decision that will be ratified tomorrow. - Read the article

Senator Jean Hingray worries about the future of French bow making

VosgesTV- November 24, 2022: Members of the Culture, Education and Communication Committee in the Senate, Jean Hingray and his counterpart in Seine-Maritime, Catherine Morin-Desailly, alert on the issues of the 19th Conference of Parties to the CITES Convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).- Read the article

In Brazil, pernambuco is the tree that hides the bow

Release- November 19, 2022: The government of Jair Bolsonaro wants to raise the degree of protection of the wood of which the bows are made, prohibiting their international trade. The profession and the world of music are mobilizing. The decision should fall next week. - Read the article

Do you know what a bow maker is?

Neo- November 15, 2022: This profession dating from the 18th century is in danger of disappearing and we explain why. Interview with bow makers Arthur Dubroca and Edwin Clément - See the video

Pernambuco ban: the world of music alert in a forum

France Music- November 09, 2022: Let's not make the musical world a scapegoat for deforestation". trade in pernambuco wood, used for making bows.Read the article

Bow makers and musicians worried about the threat of a ban on the trade in pernambuco, the wood of bows

France Info-Culture- November 09, 2022: In his Parisian workshop, Edwin Clément, a renowned bow maker for 30 years, still cannot believe it. "It's lunar! The 100 bow makers in France only consume one pernambuco tree per year", he argues while planing this wood before heating the rod. - Read the article

No pernambuco, bows threatened

The Orient by day- November 09, 2022: Nearly 200 international figures of classical music, including French musicians Renaud and Gautier Capuçon or cellist Yo-Yo Ma, defend bow makers who could be deprived of practicing their profession for lack of pernambuco , a wood threatened with prohibition. - Read the article

Bow makers are up in arms against the threat of a ban on the pernambuco trade

The world- November 08, 2022: To fight against illegal trafficking, the Brazilian government wishes to prevent the trade in this wood used for the manufacture of bows. - Read the article

TRIBUNE - "Let's not make the musical world a scapegoat for deforestation by banning the trade in Pernambuco wood"

The world- November 08, 2022: Nearly two hundred personalities from the musical world, including pianist Martha Argerich, composer Pascal Dusapin, conductor Simon Rattle and cellist Yo-Yo Ma alert, in a tribune to the "World", on the possible ban on trade in this rare species, used by luthiers to make high-quality bows since the 18th century, and classified as an "endangered species" since 1992. - Read the article

Will Europe let go of its bow makers?

The Musician's Letter- November 08, 2022: Will the battle around the export ban on pernambuco wood end? Europe must decide on its position on November 14th. Bow makers around the world are holding their breath. - Read the article

A species of wood and bows under threat: cry of alarm from great names in classical music

Mediapart- November 08, 2022: Nearly 200 international figures of classical music, including French musicians Renaud and Gautier Capuçon or cellist Yo-Yo Ma, defend bow makers who could be deprived of their profession for lack of pernambuco , a wood threatened with prohibition. - Read the article

The revolt of the bow makers

Tuning fork- November 02, 2022: The marketing and circulation of pernambuco, the Brazilian wood from which bows are made, could be drastically limited from 2023. Instrument making and the entire musical industry are alarmed. - Read the article

A wood threatened with prohibition, bow makers in danger

AFP - France 24 - Orange- October 30, 2022: "We don't want to be the last of the Mohicans": bow makers have been in a state of combat since Brazil seeks to ban the marketing of pernambuco, an essential wood for making bows. - Read article France 24 - Read orange article

Towards the end of bow makers?

Current values- 30/10/2022: During the next Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES) to be held from November 14 to 25, 2022. Read the article

Dropped by the government, French luthiers are mobilizing

Le Figaro- 27/10/2022: France and the EU could publish a favorable opinion on the ban on pernambuco wood, eventually leading to the disappearance of bow makers. Read the article

Appeal by Frédéric Lodéon

East-Lightning- 10/12/2022: In an article dedicated to the Aube Symphony Orchestra, French cellist, conductor and radio host, Frédéric Lodéon, calls for support for bow makers._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Read the article

Towards a total ban on pernambuco

France3 region- 02/10/2022: According to a survey published by our colleagues from Figaro on Friday September 30, 2022, the production of bows for stringed instruments is on hold, due to the wood used for their manufacture: pernambuco. In Mirecourt in the Vosges, where the greatest bow makers in the world were trained, concern is growing. We explain why. Read the article

French luthiers soon to be deprived of wood for their bows

Le Figaro- September 30, 2022: It is an artistic craft that acquired its letters of nobility in France at the end of the 18th century. It is a profession that could appear in a few years on the list of professions on the verge of extinction. The match that set fire to the powder, first igniting the confidential environment of bow makers before spreading to the world of violin making and the entire musical industry, it is a seemingly innocuous proposal from Brazil._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Read the article

Pernambuco wood regulations: “All bows are at risk”

Tuning fork- September 23, 2022: An advanced draft resolution for the next COP19 aims to simply ban the export and transport of the wood that has been used to make almost all bows for two centuries. Read the article

Bow makers worried about the ban on pernambuco wood: towards the extinction of bow making?

France Music, July 18, 2022 -: Fanny Reyre Ménard, luthier and member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Facture Instrumentale (CSFI), explains to us why Brazil's proposed amendment to CITES poses a problem for the sector of bow makers, who are nevertheless determined to protect this wood they cherish. Listen to 3 mins

Ban on pernambuco wood: bow makers sound the alarm

France Music, July 13, 2022: Brazil is seriously considering banning the trade of pernambuco, the tree whose wood is used to make bows. Professionals in the sector are mobilizing, fearing "the near extinction of bow making". Read the article

Without pernambuco, classical music will not be the same

The Musician's Letter, July 12, 2022 - Next November, this species of tree native to Brazil risks being listed in Appendix I of Cites. A threat to the future of the profession of bow maker. Interview with Arthur Dubroca, from the Group of French luthiers and art bow makers (Glaaf). Read the interview

Pernambuco bows and musicians: update on CITES, July 01, 2022 - While international regulations for woodwinds and other endangered species of fauna and flora impact manufacturers and traders of musical instruments, it should not be forgotten that musicians who travel internationally may also be affected by these regulations. Read the article

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